WNC Nonprofit supports local families with reliable transportation.

Asheville, NC: Working Wheels has announced that they have served over 240 families in Western North Carolina with safe, reliable transportation. This milestone is a great achievement for the organization, which was founded in 2014 as an all-volunteer satellite office of Wheels4Hope in Raleigh. 

In the years since, Working Wheels has grown into an independent nonprofit with 5 employees and two separate transportation programs: one for participants in need of cars, and one for participants who already own cars and are in need of affordable repairs.

Working Wheels by the numbers:

  • 5 employees
  • 2 transportation programs
  • 7 partner mechanics providing discounted repairs
  • 10 WNC counties served
  • 20 partner agencies, including Helpmate, Homeward Bound, YWCA, and many more
  • Over 900 cars donated
  • Generous ongoing financial support from local businesses, individuals, faith communities, and foundations

In Western North Carolina, a car is more than just a car.

Executive Director, Jamie Beasley says, “Cars are the missing piece in many people’s struggle to create a sustainable existence for themselves.”  A safe and reliable vehicle means access to 

  • Better Employment
  • Accessible Housing
  • Further Education
  • Healthcare Appointments
  • More Time With Family
  • Safety and Peace of Mind

About Working Wheels: Working Wheels is a local nonprofit that repairs and recycles donated cars, transforming them into working wheels for working families in Western North Carolina. Working Wheels depends on vehicle donations from the community and gratefully accepts cars in any condition–all are useful and contribute to the mission. The generous financial support of our WNC community helps us get those donated cars up and running for our program participants.