Why Transportation Matters

In Western North Carolina, a car is more than just a car.

Western North Carolina has limited public transportation options. This makes it difficult for people without cars to improve their lives. Some families want to move to more affordable housing but can’t because it isn’t close enough to a bus line. Getting to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, school events, and jobs are nearly impossible without a dependable vehicle. Relying on public transit is inconvenient and time-consuming. Rideshares like Uber and Lyft are expensive. This reality denies these marginalized families opportunities to accept work promotions, access their healthcare, and improve their quality of life.

The road to success starts with secure transportation.

Cars help families find economic stability.

A 2020 study in the Journal of Planning Education and Research found that owning a car is among the most powerful economic advantages a U.S. family can have.

Dependable vehicles help people stay healthier

In a study from the Journal of Rural Health, Dr. Thomas Arcury studied WNC families and found that those with a dependable vehicle were twice as likely to access their medical appointments as those without. 

Affordable vehicles are a matter of equity.

The affordable vehicles and discounted repairs that we provide give direct financial assistance to economically vulnerable households at a time when savings are low. In a May 2021 study by the Federal Reserve entitled, Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households, researchers found that more than 25% of adults were one $400 financial setback away from being unable to pay their monthly bills. The percentages are higher for Black and Latinx households.

How Working Wheels Helps

Reliable cars for $610

Our Vehicle Purchase Program helps clients of our partnering community organizations get reliable transportation. We accept donations of cars in any condition from the public to support this program.

Affordable Car Repairs

Car repairs can be costly. Our Vehicle Repair Program connects qualifying community members with mechanics and the funds to make repairs.

Shuvonda smiling

“(Working Wheels) gave me a chance to be where I needed to be for my children and to do the work I was doing.”

– Shavonda Harper

Smiling woman

“I got housing shortly after I got my vehicle from Working Wheels. My life changed, and I got a better job at a hotel downtown… finally, I’m free.”

Brittney Schuit

Smiling woman

“Having this vehicle is a blessing! It will help me get back and forth to work and appointments.  I’ll be able to go see my grandson play ball! Thank you!”

Henry, referred by the Buncombe County Re-entry Council

Every gift matters.

Join Working Wheels to help create a thriving community.