Donate A Car

Want to make a real difference in our community? Donate your car and significantly change the life of a local family! When you donate your car to Working Wheels, you are helping local working families access the reliable, affordable transportation they need to thrive.

It’s not just a tax deduction; it’s a step toward independence for a person in our community. We accept vehicles of any age, type, and quality level. All are useful and contribute to the success of the mission.

How It Works


We will ask you some questions to help our mechanics understand any issues with the vehicle you want to donate. Fill out the online form here.


Together, we will make a plan to sign over your title to Working Wheels and transport the vehicle. We are happy to coordinate a tow if necessary.


You’ll turn in your license plates and cancel your audo insurance. We’ll send you all necessary tax documents and a big thank you!

How do I donate my car?

We try to make the donation process as simple and easy as possible. Fill out our online donation form or call (828) 633-6888. Next, locate your title and reassign ownership to Working Wheels in the presence of a notary. If there are 2 owners listed on the title, both must sign. Once we have the title, we will coordinate drop-off/pick-up or have your car towed if necessary at no cost to you. If the car is drivable and you are willing, it is very helpful if you can drop off the vehicle. If not, we’ll come get it!

Do you accept all vehicles, regardless of condition?

We enthusiastically accept vehicles in any condition and repair as many of them as possible. Those that are not able to be placed in the program serve as organ donors (parts cars) or are sold to generate proceeds. All donated vehicles support our mission to place working families in working wheels. Vehicles located more than 45 miles from Asheville are accepted on a case by case basis.

What if I don't have my title?

No problem. We can help you obtain proper documentation for the title transfer. Give us a call (828) 633-6888.

How soon can you pick it up?

We can generally pick up vehicles within 1-2 days. At times, we get busy and are a bit slower. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and pick up your vehicle as quickly as possible.

When do I cancel my insurance? Do I need to turn in my license plate?

Before canceling insurance coverage for your vehicle, please remove the license plate and return it to the DMV. If you plan to transfer the license plate to another vehicle, be sure to notify the DMV of your planse before canceling your insurance.

Do I have to be home when you pick up my car?

Once we have received the title and confirmed a plan for pick-up of the vehicle, we recommend that you clean out your possessions, leave the door unlocked, and place the keys under the driver-side floor mat. You do not need to be home for the pick-up.

How do I know what to claim on my taxes?

The value of your tax deduction depends on how your vehicle is used to benefit the mission of Working Wheels. If placed in the program, your vehicle’s tax-deductible value will be the fair market value. Vehicles in good shape but not a good fit for the program are sold in the retail market allowing the donor to claim market retail value for the tax deduction. If the vehicle becomes an organ donor (parts-car) or is sold in the wholesale market, you are able to claim the price of the sale (or value of the parts). In all cases, donors will be notified via letter of the tax-deductible amount.