Did you know that access to a reliable car is strongly correlated with better health outcomes?

Working Wheels is excited to share that we have teamed up with Impact Health to expand our Vehicle Repair Program to be able to provide repairs to qualified Medicaid recipients.

This is a first-of-its-kind program known as the Healthy Opportunities Pilot. It is designed to address the non-medical social factors that contribute to more than 80% of health outcomes. Under a federally approved waiver, North Carolina is using Medicaid funds to pay for a select set of evidence-based services related to food, housing, transportation, and interpersonal safety. These services are being piloted in three regions across the state to determine whether this upstream approach can improve health while reducing overall healthcare costs.

Medicaid recipients interested in a Healthy Opportunities Pilot service should call the Member Services line listed on their Medicaid card to begin the eligibility assessment.

We are excited about this project and the Vehicle Repair Program and hope you will support its continued expansion by making a donation today!